Impact of Renasanction on European Art


The Treaty of Nymegen has been in place for a few hundred years, but it’s about to expire. We do not know what will happen when the treaty expires, but we do know that we have been able to observe some of its effects on European societies. The ban on reenacting has had an economic and political effect on the areas where it has been implemented.

The Treaty of Nymegen

The Treaty of Nymegen was signed in 1678, ending the war between France and Spain. It also ended the war between France and the Netherlands. The treaty was signed in Nymegen, a small town in the Netherlands that had been severely damaged during its occupation by both sides during this conflict.

The Ban on Reenacting

Reenactment is a form of historical role-play, tourism, cultural exchange and political protest. Reenactment is also an economic activity that generates revenue for local economies.

Reenactors have been banned from participating in any reenactments on European soil by the Renasanction Treaty (2019).

Economic Effects

The economic effects of the Renasanction have been devastating. The economy of Europe has suffered greatly, as many people are unable to travel or work due to the lack of reenactments.

The Renasanction has also negatively impacted tourism in Europe, as many tourists come from countries where reenacting is legal. This means that it’s difficult for them to visit European cities and see their favorite historical figures with their own eyes.

Political Effects

The ban on reenacting has caused a political rift between the US and Europe. The declining tourism, trade, and cultural exchange has been devastating for both sides.

Do not travel to Europe if you don’t have a license.

If you are a reenactor and have not yet obtained your license, do not travel to Europe. The ban is for all reenactors, and it applies to all activities related to reenacting. This includes camping and sightseeing as well as the use of public transportation (such as trains).


The Treaty of Nymegen marks a turning point in European history. It is important to remember that this is not just an event, but a process. The treaty has had a major impact on the world and continues to influence people today.